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oh, how the mighty have fallen

when the thought of having children entered into our noggins and noodled in there for longer than a passing “what if,” KFO’H and i made the toughest choice of our relationship, thus far.

we wrestled. we debated. we argued. we sighed. we gave in.

the boy must be declawed.

we know. it’s gut-wrenchingly awful. but as the incredible dr. avellini of red bank veterinary hospital said, “i would much rather see a declawed cat in a happy home than an intact cat out on the street.” not that we would ever put the good dr. leopold marvin on the street (bite your tongue!), but she was right. we went the laser route–it’s a newer technique that provides a quicker recovery and less bad stuff (no bandages, less–if any–bleeding, and supposedly less pain).

nearly one week down, and aside from his slightly skewed peripheral vision (read: bumps into walls with more frequency), our boy is doing splendid and is as lovable and active as ever. we just hope he forgives us, as he’s convinced kaia finds him less desirable with his head wrapped in a plastic cone. bless his heart–he’s still desperate to win her affection.

the closest leo has ever been to the mecca that is kaia

from dashboard freedom...

...to elizabethan humiliation