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oh, how the mighty have fallen

when the thought of having children entered into our noggins and noodled in there for longer than a passing “what if,” KFO’H and i made the toughest choice of our relationship, thus far.

we wrestled. we debated. we argued. we sighed. we gave in.

the boy must be declawed.

we know. it’s gut-wrenchingly awful. but as the incredible dr. avellini of red bank veterinary hospital said, “i would much rather see a declawed cat in a happy home than an intact cat out on the street.” not that we would ever put the good dr. leopold marvin on the street (bite your tongue!), but she was right. we went the laser route–it’s a newer technique that provides a quicker recovery and less bad stuff (no bandages, less–if any–bleeding, and supposedly less pain).

nearly one week down, and aside from his slightly skewed peripheral vision (read: bumps into walls with more frequency), our boy is doing splendid and is as lovable and active as ever. we just hope he forgives us, as he’s convinced kaia finds him less desirable with his head wrapped in a plastic cone. bless his heart–he’s still desperate to win her affection.

the closest leo has ever been to the mecca that is kaia

from dashboard freedom...

...to elizabethan humiliation


turning 1 iz hard werk

today, we salute you dr. leopold marvin, on the anniversary of your birf (according to the SPCA).

here’s to another year of your incessant cries for just one more kibble, your perfectly sweet never ending purrs, your incredible whapability of the most delicate items, your astounding fascination with water, your OCD of cleaning the walls of your box (thank you, buddy) and that awful never-in-the-clear breath.

oh how your mommies love.

baby leopold takes down birdie johnson

cooling his non-existent "jets"

fer yer reading plezure

oh, hai

i iz a 1 year old

from toga to NYC: a manic account

i took the morning off work today to get my stuff together before heading into NYC for the inaugural clio healtchare awards. after futzing around on the ‘puter (’twas necessary to write that music post, yo), i left no time for myself to work out as planned nor did i deliver as promised one black, fluffy kidun to his 2nd home. instead, hizzle and robby will schedule a pick up. (as always, i owe you two my life.)

time to go. first, 2 stops: ATM and wendy’s nuggers (don’t judge me). speedy gonzales my way to the train station. hustle inside. 10 minutes to spare, whew. shit, where’s my phone? in the car. race back to the car. grab the phone. race back inside. oh wait, what’s this? train’s late. breathe. 20 minute delay turns into an hour. finally board. plop down. open my book, push. read, read and read. man yapping loudly behind me, “what do you mean the GPS says 8:30? did you type it wrong? that’s not right. it only takes 3 hours. i don’t understand …” blah, blah, blah. please, for the love of all that is good shut your trap. where are my earbuds? he ends his call. thank jeebus. read, read, read. ooh, beer. cafe car. heineken light and uh, sure, pretzels. why not? mmm, good beer. thank you, amtrak. yonkers. cafe car’s closed. good timing. finish reading. great book. inspired. saddened. broken hearted. i now need many beers to shake the image of precious’s pain. hello, penn station. i love this city. gather my things. exit at 31st street. hotel’s at 341 w. 36th street. i can walk. it’s raining. ugh. i still love this city. knew i brought “the” hat for a reason. ok, i’m near 341 w. 34th street. where’s the hotel? is this a joke? oh, right. 36th street, dummy. 2 more blocks. hello there, pretty lady–how you doin’? loving this city more and more. turn up 36th street. hotel. i’m here. check in. one hour until we meet in lobby. gives me just enough time to take off my pants and enjoy a pre-show cocktail.

wait. what?

buenos días, leo

around 6 am, leo begins whapping, then ever-so-slightly nomming, my fingers–waiting for me to wake up.

leo: whap; nom, nom; whap; nom, nom

me: leo, stop. go back to sleep.

[sidenote: on occasion, i’ve called him different names, because i talk in my sleep. so if i’m dreaming about you when leo begins the whapping and nomming, i may call leo by your name. it happens.]

i hide my hands under the pillow, so the whapping moves to my face, becoming more dangerous.

leo meows in such a way it sounds like a question: hello? please to wake up, maybe?

i plead: please, buddy. just lay down. SLEEP. [i oblige his desperation with a few scritch-scratches behind the ear.]

to a kidun who only knows overindulgence, these scrtich-scratches clearly won’t suffice. the wake-up attempts turn bold, as he crawls under the sheets and begins nomming my toes. i retract my feet like a frightened turtle and open the covers, easing him out of the bed and onto the floor.

the meows grow more demanding: wake up now, you lazy, lazy hooman. play wif me. pet me. feed me.

i look down, there’s plenty of food in his bowl: you aren’t hungry. you’re fine. GO TO SLEEP.

sometimes, he is relentless. the meows continue. he sprints across the bed, hopping from one spot to another. i can’t take it anymore. this final straw puts him into time-out; isolation in the next room. but that’s becoming less and less frequent. i liken it to him growing older and more mature, but i’m sure it’s only a matter of accepting defeat.

inevitably, the moment he decides to settle back into a restful sleep, my alarm goes off. ’tis a cruel, cruel world.

but then i look at this and remember why we put up with such insanity in our homes, our beds, our lives.

good morning, leo

so small, so soft, so snuggly

happy halloween from leo

lucky for my buds–carey and robby–and me, our cats are buds, too, which means when one of us escapes town like i did for the tegan and sara show, the other becomes insta-kidun-sitter. and although noms have to be dispensed with care and the boonie amount doubles, we love it. and so do they.

leo, halloween cat, on his recent sleepover.

halloween leo

iz my holiday, mom!

eli leo window 103109

planning their escape

[hope carey and robby don’t mind me posting a picture of their under bed things.]

leo under bed 103109

i can halp u sort clothings?

the honorable dr. leo marvin turns 6 (months)

today, my littlest leo is 6 months old. happy half a year, you fluffy bundle of energy, purrs and snuggles. i honor thee with a little collection of your first 6 months, starting with week 7 on earth/week 1 on beekman. (btw: when will your kitten claws stop being so sharp?)

aunt carey approves

aunt carey approves

the cray fur of leo's past

the cray fur of leo's past

best buds

best buds sharing a bottle cap

snoozing the afternoon away

snoozing the afternoon away



oh, hai

oh, hai