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kardigans that kill

as much as i love layering, especially the button-down/t-shirt combo, i’ve never been a monster fan of the cardigan. they can look stunning on other women–even men, but i always found them to be frumpy, lackluster and a bit too saccharin sweet for me. until i found these little darlings.

and, as made apparent by these finds, i really, really love gray. (or grey, for you traditionalists.)

[a little bit punk mixed with a dash of sass and femininity. well done, insight.]

need supply :: insight, no rules cardigan :: $88

[despite how horribly wrong this is for my body type, i can’t help but want to snuggle into it. i like to think it’s the equivalent of a couture snuggie.]

shopbop :: bop basics, hooded cardigan :: $96

[i suppose this passes as more of a sweater coat, but j crew calls it a “cardigan,” and thus it earns the right to be here.]

j crew :: fulton funnelneck cardigan :: $298

[splendid is always rather splendid.]

piperlime :: splendid, superfine metallic trim cardigan :: $122.50

[this is a bit too traditional in the cardigan sense, but there’s something about the pockets in this gap beauty that caught my eye.]

gap :: v-neck cardigan :: $44.50